Visbella DIY Rearview Mirror Adhesive Bonding Glass Metal

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The Visbella Rearview Mirror Adhesive is a two-part acrylic adhesive designed to mount automotive rearview mirrors directly to the windscreen. The Visbella Rearview Mirror Adhesive requires no pre-mixing and outperforms most epoxy and super-glue type (cyanoacrylate) adhesives and holds up well in high-temperatures and humid environment.

The VS281 can also can be uséd to bond metal-to-metal, glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, ceramics, jewelry and most non-porous materials.

Easy to use.
Excellent bonding strength for glass and most metals.
Cure within minutes.
No mixing required.
No clamping necessary



1. Remove the mounting button from the mirror bracket. Make note which sides face upwards.
2. On the outside of the windshield circle with a crayon to identify the old location of the mirror button.
3.Clean the old adhesive.
4.Open cleaner/activator.
5.On the inside of windshield clean marked area with cleaner/activator and allow to dry for 20 seconds.
6.Remove twist of the cap then cut off the adhesive tip. Apply one drop of adhesive to the centre of a button only. Do not apply adhesive to both button and glass as the adhesive will not work properly
7. Immediately apply the button to the windshield, ensuring that the correct side is facing up, and hold firmly in place for one minute. Allow setting for 30 minutes prior to mounting mirror.
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