Sand Free Compact Outdoor Beach Blanket Pocket Sized Waterproof

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Compact Outdoor Garden Camping Beach Picnic Pocket Blanket Mat Waterproof
Waterproof and portable, a good companion for outdoor activities.
Can be used as a camping dinner cloth, durable and wear-resistant.
Lightweight, compact, foldable and multifunctional.
-Composed of a special fabric created for military use, which allows the grains of 
sand to be filtered in the lower part
-Allow sand and dust to cross it, but preventing it from rising, leaving you in a clean "island".
-In addition to the sea, it can be used in camping, in front of a tent, a camper or for a picnic.
Brand new and high quality
Fine workmanship and bright in color
Material: 210T waterproof polyester 
Weight: 120-200g
Size: 1.4*2m 
Color:  Blue / Green/ Gray
Suitable for: Outdoor activities such as picnic, camping, hiking, etc.
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