Hitachi BSL1830 18V 3Ah 18DSL Battery - Sanyo Cell

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HITACHI 18V BSL1830C 3.0Ah 54Wh LI-ION SLIDE BATTERY Perfectly compatible with Hitachi BSL1830C BSL1840, Sanyo Cell battery is built with the best quality materials and highly durable li-ion and Ni-Mh cells. Every battery is a dedicated model for specific power tool, manufactured with attention to every detail. As a result, we can be certain about completely fluent and stable tool performance. Durable cells are a huge advantage of Sanyo Cell batteries. After 600 full discharge cycles cells sustain over 90% capacity and their full life span can reach even 1000 cycles, what can easily give us over 3 years of flawless work. *** Sanyo Cell **** Advanced electronics: 1. Protection from overcharge and deep discharge 2. Detection of values that are beyond the scale protect cells from being damaged. Resistance to extreme temperatures 1. The temperature control makes the cells work in a safe temperature range. Parameters results 1. Monitoring voltage and amperage Exceeding the entered parameters results in disconnecting the power supply. Short-circuit protection 1. At the risk of short-circuit, electronic system and cell packs are automatically isolated to prevent damage. Sanyo Cell Efficient cells highly increase battery capacity, outpacing even original models Compatible Part Numbers : BSL 1815X, BSL 1830 Suits Power Tool Numbers : Hitachi CR 18DSL, Hitachi DH 18DSL, Hitachi DS 18DSAL, Hitachi DS 18DSL, Hitachi DV 18DSL, Hitachi G 18DSL, Hitachi RB 18DSL, Hitachi UB18DAL, Hitachi WH 18DSL.
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