Breath Alcohol Tester meter Electronic Breathalyzer Detector

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New High Precision Prefessional Police Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Features: Portable and user-friendly design for measuring BAC. A simple method to analyze blood alcohol concentration anytime, anywhere. Easy to carry. Digital breathalyzer with sound alert. The range is 0.19% -0.00 BAC and 0.0-1.9 g / l. Quick response and summary. Use the mouthpiece. Automatic shutdown: about 1 minute Use 2 alkaline batteries, type AAA 1.5 V (not included). Work time: Warm-up: 10 seconds Response: <5 s Ambient temperature: 5-40 degrees Color: black Product size: 118 * 68 * 22 mm Net weight: approx: 45 g Package: approx 55 g Package Contents: 1 x Manual 1 x Digital Respiratory Alcohol Tester Gun 5 x breathing inhaler case Product Features and Benefits: 1. exquisite and compact body design, beautiful curves are perfect for the human palm, light and comfortable. Easy to carry, can be used as a keychain or other jewelry. 2.68 s can effectively detect the alcohol content and concentration in a person’s blood. He runs a self-test 30 minutes after drinking. It has good reference value for car drivers. Data is accurate to three digits, and the multinational unit of measurement is used as a reference standard. The body is made of ABS material that is resistant to friction, anti-pressure. The hard outer case effectively protects its inner parts from running efficiently. 4. Breathalyzer 68 s-popular product because of its good quality and reasonable price. High quality is the production principle of the company. We pay attention to the details of the product, strive for perfection and strive to be constantly updated to make the presentation of the product public. Bring convenience to everyone’s life, increase your sense of pleasure and happiness — our driving force. 5. Put 2 batteries, press the switch button for 3 seconds, send a “Beep” to start working, then enter 10 seconds of heating, 10 seconds of purging, durable, safe and hygienic.
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